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We are almost out of time on the climate, and a sizable number of Americans cheer on a racist totalitarian who celebrates when his opponents are assaulted or robbed. Time for change!

Resurrected the WindowsMR device I had in a box, so I could try it with the new Windows laptop. Works great, of course the laptop has an i9 and a RTX2080 in it, so i’d hope so!

Windows MR + Steam + Firefox + @byhubs !

Ikea and Sonos, two great tastes that go great together! It’s a good thing I’ve got a full compliment of Sonos already, or I’d be tempted, as there are a few places in my house both would fit

These last months have been kind of crazy, I need to get back to blogging and other writing. But the future isn’t looking conducive to anything not in the “urgent” half of the time management quad chart …

The implementation of Duo two-factor authentication at @georgiatech feels like it was designed as an experiment in how far you need to push people before they think two-factor is too much hassle. Sometimes I navigate between 2 or 3 links and have to 2 factor on every one

I have failed miserably in getting my IRL friends to try alternative social networks. sadness.

Dorking around with @ByHubs, plugged in my iPad to the Mac, started a screen recording (don’t need to hit record) and shared that window. Run OneNote on the iPad and voila, instant pen-based whiteboard.

Considering doing some remote office hours in hubs this fall

I made the mistake of looking at replies to a climate science fact posted to twitter. Mixed but rational commentary from around the world mixed with American ignorance and hate (from flag/eagle/gun imagery bearing, fake named accounts, of course). Sigh.

I usually wear gaming/nerd t-shirts when I’m flying business/first class, just because “mostly old people in business clothes.”

Today, it’s an Atlanta Reign shirt

Just discovered and… how had I not seen these before? Ignoring all the awesomeness of these, I could have been avoided paying for my Pro account and one of our research org sites 😭😭

My inability to not type two spaces after a period really hampers the speed at which I can send out short tweets/toots/etc.

First I type a message. Then I go back and remove extra spaces if it’s too long. My typing teacher would be proud.

In addition to starting to be more conscientious of our power usage, it looks like we’re about to sign a contract to get solar and batteries installed. Plus, finally going to start composting, and going to add a few more beds to my front yard garden

Bought some energy monitors and plugged them into the bulk of the networking and desktop computers in my house. Total consumption when all are on is > 1kW, most of that coming from a set of PCs.

Average US home pulls about 1.25kW on average over a year

Ugh! Change is coming…

I’m teaching a 3rd year 3D Computer Graphics class at GT this fall (~150 students; insane, but not the point here)

I’m thinking twitch streaming my video game playing and telling my students if they see me, they can ask graphics questions.

Good idea? Bad idea? Insane?

I just scored a BINGO on my “breathless fanboy Silicon Valley BS blog post” bingo card. 😡

Kind of annoying, I’m usually better about detecting those before I waste some of the “precious minutes I have left on this earth” reading them. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Set up the Vive Wireless Adaptor and Vive Headphone Replacement Strap on the VR PC. Why didn’t I do this earlier? Now all I need is a VR focused web browser that doesn’t require me to return to the console to type …

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