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Oh, this is cute. A “browser for the old internet”, using the wayback machine, so you can experience the web as it looked from 1994-2004 … defaulted to 1996, here’s my Columbia web page in 1996.

“Chrome has become surveillance software, it’s time to switch” (love the corny video in the article, too!) Is Firefox better than Chrome? It comes down to privacy. - The Washington Post

The year is 5019. Humans, as we know them, are long gone. The Earth is inhabited chiefly by advanced, sapient machines.

For legacy reasons, everyone's name starts with "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible;".

Has 16GB of High Quality CD rips on Hardrive.
Listens to YouTube videos streamed though a discord chat.

What could be more American than a VR game called “Vacation Simulator”? Presumably one plays this while working late?

(Ok ok, I haven’t played it yet, and the videos are cute, but you gotta admit, sometimes the snark writes itself)

Nice map on Hollywood for Atlanta. I wish I could place bombs like Daco. Up 2-1!

Go ATLANTA! Love a team that tries (and wins with) the non-standard comp. excellent that it was on Well, the site of Dafran’s Torb debut!

Not liking those peach jerseys …. didn’t take long for the butt emoji joke to drop, either

I find it interesting how my blackberry bushes seem to have one berry ripening first per cluster

Apple, “computers for everyone!”, finally releases a powerful desktop (first time in > 10 years).

Costs > $10000 …

I guess they expected us to stash $1000/year since we bought the last real mac pro? (ignoring that vanity garbage can thing)

I never would have imagined I’d utter the phrase “I think I still have time to put the slab of bacon on the smoker before we go out tonight.” But there you have it.

Left ngrok running at home, and really needed it while mobile … finally tipped me to go up a tier (from Basic to Pro), which will be fun since I can now add a whitelabel domain name!

I really love, it’s a “must have” for web dev …

I wonder if I’m the only person who’s completely dubious of all the claims I’m hearing about 5G? In particular, it seems everyone thinks they’re going to be streaming stuff to mobile (games, apps, whatever) from the cloud … can’t see how things won’t be flooded and DOA

It’s kinda fun having all 63000 of my digital photos in Apple Photos. Skimming by time, place and people; seeing suggestions; discovering things I’d forgotten. Pics go back more than 20 years!

Just bought tickets for my son, his friend and me to go to the @ATLReign on July 6/7!

2 days, 8 matches. @ATLRoyalFamily

Today I gave an entirely unsatisfactory answer to a couple of 14 years olds as to why the X/Y/Z coordinate system translations to EUS when we align it with a local geospatial coordinate system.

But I did many to invoke the gesture of the computer graphics professional

Day 5. We’re outside using iPad cameras to take pictures and mark them up to do a photo walkthrough of an imaged AR tour around the quad outside the classroom building.

Glad it’s sunny. Shame about the heat.

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