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Day 3. 12 kids. A firewall. A work-in-progress complex 3D MR authoring tool wedged inside glitch. 3 hours running from desk to desk. Sending them outside to test Geospatial stuff. Printing and using image targets.

I need a nap.

one of my favorite things about using Firefox is having Pocket suggestions in my “empty new tabs”. Today’s find:

What's up with the userAgent string?

I originally tweeted something about this, but two days later I'm still amused to learn the history of the mess that is the userAgent string

I made the mistake of finally looking seriously at the browser userAgent string, and asked my co-workers WTH??! And @larsberg pointed me at

And now I’m informed, but not amused.

Started the weekend right with a double blood donation at the Red Cross. Now home to make a big breakfast for the family; crepes, homemade bacon, coffee.

Go donate blood, it feels great!

Through no choice of my own, I’m working with a React project. I want to build a non-optimized non-minified version, to ease debugging. Googling leads to make pointers to: “npm run eject” (described in the docs as essentially a “good luck, you’re on your own now “)


The fuel for furious hacking, when you been up since 3am fixing someone else’s code

Don’t be fooled by the “we care about privacy” smokescreen from Google and Facebook; they’re still leaving themselves with an all-access pass to your data to continue doing evil

wonder if this is why my massive Photos collection has barely uploaded anything, after two days? (or perhaps it’s the fact my Photos file is now ~500GB)

One of my “favorite things” at GT is the set of websites that you can only access from off campus via VPN (requiring you to manually enter a Duo 2FA code), but then require you to log in and do another round of Duo 2FA. “Hell of an over-engineer!”

Got spam from @georgiatech Athletics; I admit I’m finding the subject line “Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate” pretty tone def in our current world. Yes, I know it’s an old slogan about a childish “rivalry”, but it’s kinda pathetic that a university is frivolously encouraging “hate”.

I made the decision on the weekend (for various reasons) to pull most of my photos into Apple Photos. Photos is taking … a while. I may have miscalculated? 🙄

I’ve been working OT for the past few weeks, not really playing or watching Overwatch; just peeked at the app and caught the last few minutes of SFS beating VAN in the stage 2 playoffs … first loss for VAN! Wish I’d seen it, actually ….

Serious Webcam Upgrade

While I'm not a professional streamer, as a remote worker I spend a lot of time in video conferences. So I upgraded my "webcam" to a Canon Rebel SL3 (aka EOS 250D).

Looking for good people who have interesting things to say about AR/VR games and the web. “Asking for a friend”

Especially interested in ideas about the place of big sites (kongregate, itchio, etc)

Just released the 2nd update to our WebXR Viewer app this week; getting ready for a middle school class I'm going to teach on "Telling Stories using AR", starting this Friday!

Upgraded son’s iPhone for his bday, his old SE has become my fav AR dev device. Weird. It’s more than fast enough to do WebXR/AR (using WebXR Viewer), and it’s nice and small

Weirder; it’s faster than the X series phones for this. Something is amis

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