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(2/2) To support our social VR CHI video co-watching, I created a discord server, where we’ll find each other and organize (note: hubs can be accessed on desktop and mobile, you don’t need to use VR). If you’re interested, join

(½) HCI and academic friends … especially people NOT going to CHI! Some of us are going to use Mozilla Hubs to co-watch some of the talks, to explore how social VR could help with accessibility and a better-than-watching-the-stream-alone remote experience

The Uberization of Academic Conferences … I honestly don’t know what to think about this, but I imagine some pretty funny/sad dystopian short stories based on the near-future evolution of this

Minnesotans: Tell your lawmakers to support your #RightToRepair. @RepPeterFischer's H.F. 1138 would make it easier for people to fix their broken devices, rather than having to throw them away and buy new ones.

After reading more about current/modern travel/street cameras, I have a better understanding of what I want. small “enough”. Very little lens “bump” in the pocket. Fast, fixed (not interchangeable) prime lens.

Current candidate: FujiFilm X100F

Teenage son sleepover party: 6 boys, 4 PCs (Fortnite, Overwatch) on desks, XBox One (assorted) and Switch (Assorted) on two big screen TVs. One big room. Hue lights + disco. Lots of chips and pizza. Ill-defined bedtime.

Thinking of getting a compact, mirrorless, high quality camera. Something akin to the Leica D-LUX 7.

I admit I’m a bit nervous buy Luxury brands, and haven’t really dug into current market much. I like the image quality of my D750, I just don’t carry it much..

Hangouts and WebEx are finicky about finding my camera, so I plugged in a Cam Like 4K and my Nikon D750 for a couple of video conferences today. OMG that’s so much better than a web cam! But, D750 shuts off after short time; need a new camera for this, so sweet! Canon SL3?

Overwatch now has a custom workshop where you can script your own behaviors and characters.

I personal have little interest in this. The last thing I want to do when I get done with programming for work is program for play.

Was waiting for a call, accidentally answered a robocaller (yes, it’s at the point where I never answer my phone because of the volume of robocalls.)

Just sat the phone down and let them talk, sadly they hung up after 2 minutes, according to my phone log

I love a good post about fonts.  The US government General Services Administration has introduced a new typeface called Public Sans for when you need something that's "simple, neutral, and isn’t Helvetica"

That was unexpected. Had left the grill cover off for a few weeks, a family “moved in”

Hey video nerds. I’m enamored with the idea of using a high quality camera as my webcam, using an Elgato CamLink4k. The cheapest supported ( DLSR or Mirrorless (something with good depth of field) I can find is the Rebel SL2.


I did a small fix to the WebXR Viewer, now mostly rewritten in Swift. Which I’ve never used.

So ~20 lines of code took … a while (“Dear Google, how do I declare an array in swift?”).

But, it worked, and I’ve now written code in Swift. I’m a Swift Coder, y’all!

Rare bit of Overwatch: 2 games, both super fun.

Game 1, won a map, then someone left on our team. Lost a map, then they reappeared as the other team hit 99%-0% … we captured and held to win. NEVER give up! Woot!

The Georgia Tech Alumni magazine has an article about me this issue ... and an article about my brilliant wife Beth Mynatt on the very next page!  Well played, GT, well played.

When you write a bunch of code in Javascript, and the first 15 minutes of debugging is finding all the stupid shit any strongly typed compiled language would have caught.

(no, raw JS is not my choice; I’d use Typescript if it was my project)

As I sit and read my email after the Tornado Watch was lifted for the past few hours, I find it ironic to read about the potential negative impact of 5G on weather forecasting …

So if Google gets dinged for antitrust for it’s favoring of Chrome on Android, why doesn’t the EU ding Apple for not letting user’s change their default HTTP handler and their handicapping of competing browsers (wkWebView << safari’s webview)?

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