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I now have 3 monitors and four computers on my downstairs gaming+VR setup. So many-much glowing screens!

Got the Vive set up again, finally tried Audica. Love it!

Mirrorworld Bill of Rights?: Some thoughts on Paul Hoover's posting about a Mirrorworld Bill of Rights, laying down the rights people should have when AR becomes pervasive.

Well that sucked. Crappy last maps, Atlanta totally crumbled.

Caster needs to lose the bolo tie. This ain’t a rodeo

I’m thinking perhaps instead of ? It’s a mauling … Boston is scrod

You know that you’re doing the work at home thing wrong when you find yourself thinking “now that all my video meetings are done for the day, I can finally shower and get out of my PJs” … or, perhaps I’m doing it right? I dunno.

Time for lunch, either way.

Oh FFS, now we can even trust “premiere technical institutions” with top tier cybersecurity degrees and research groups?

I hate latex, especially the default behavior that hyphenates like a toddler. Adding this lowered the taste of bile in my throat, that I get when I have to use it, significantly.


Well-meaning but dangerously naive activists: "Let's make FB and other corporate social media ban hate speech. Who could argue with that unless they're a Nazi? What could possibly go wrong?".

Black community organizer: "Currently, my primary and backup accounts are both banned for 'promoting hate speech'. That means bigoted trolls lurked my page reporting anything and everything, hoping I’d be in violation of the vague “standards” imposed by Facebook.":

Every N years I replace an appliance. Today, I spent my time buying and installing a new over-the-stove microwave.


Both good ideas. We'll do some research along those lines. If anything comes out of it I'll post back (it may take a couple of months).


Have to take an annual “Integrity and Compliance” (ethics) training course at GT. It isn’t loading, and the resulting web page is amusingly ironic for a premiere technical research university. (Note: still stuck, in the time it took me to create and post this gif)

“It’s a tale of exceptional incompetence”. I’ll just leave this here, completely unexplained.

I’m really happy airlines are starting to offer these new “premium select” (as Delta calls them) seats on long flights. I don’t need the First Class experience, but having a bit more space sure makes a huge difference.

Boy, there sure are a lot of stereotypical “ugly Americans” on this flight (and I say that as an American). Cranky, rude, self righteous …. wow. Sad. 🙄

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