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Americans of both parties have made their opinion on #NetNeutrality clear. Over and over again, we’ve spoken out. And we’re going to keep doing it until we get the Internet we deserve.

I agree with Greg McVerry, ("I am a fan of including the permalink, you lose a few character but we have 280 now, if you couldn't say it in 140 can you cay it all? Kidding aside I think it is important to drive people to your site.") so I will experiment with embedding links and see how...

I'm using webmentions instead of comments on my blog, so discussions happen on social platforms instead of being isolated to the blog page. I'm trying to decide if I should include the original link in the microposts on my blog, so that discussion can be collected on these too.

Wanted to work in a coffee shop near where my daughter has an evening meeting (, the ).

Haven’t used the laptop in a while.

And 15 mins after sitting down, I’m finally working. Sigh.

The US patent system is broken; a cynic would say it persists because the rich make the rules, and benefit from the broken system. It gives out patents far too easily and needs reform, writes EFF's @danielnazer in an article on Theranos

I love how my calendar shows that the time change (“spring ahead”) is going to happen at 2am this Sunday.

So this is how time travel is represented!

Lost every single game this morning.

But, I just put some banana bread in the oven.

So there’s that.

It almost feels redundant to post a link describing yet-again how Facebook is Evil, but the global efforts against privacy legislation (detailed in The Guardian) is pretty ugly, even for them.

Played some more today, what a random mess solo queuing is. I’m getting better at usually “not caring too much” but it sure would be fun to have some folks to play with regularly who can play as a team! 🤣

Hey, @blair, how's it going?

(that's the mastodon-compatible user name I have on!)

Decided to play a bit of after watching some … A decidedly different experience, doing solo queue placements on my old stuck-on-bronze account 😂😂😂😂

Running low on , got a slab of pork belly to put in some cure for the week. Will keep going with the sweet (via some maple syrup), smoke next weekend with some Apple wood.

Seeing how the app on iOS will be for all these posts 👍

Got my first attempt at pancetta cured, rolled and hanging in the wine cellar (beside the in-process duck prosciutto).

As one does in these modern days.


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