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whining about slow network speeds 

Masto meta; urgent 

I wrote an article for the Mozilla Hacks blog that's a brief technical introduction to ActivityPub. I also provide an intro to my simple #ActivityPub Node.js server.

Last night's was fun. Played some on both accounts, more wins than losses, so a "slow and steady climb" ... I feel optimistic that I have bid Bronze adieu on my long-suffering original account, although the volatility of Comp SR changes on the new one kind of freaks me out.

Having some "personal rules" for teaming helps. Open profiles and mics, ppl maining the roles they choose, compatible mains.

Simple stuff, huge difference.

Heck ya. Old main account finally out of bronze, new account rising in gold.

Fully embraced my support, occasional tank roles.

wow, I'd forgotten how volatile SR is on a new character in Overwatch. Played in at 2124, played one game and lost, dropped to 2068.

Given't how much of a crap shoot the team setup is, I just can't see ever playing comp again on that damn account.

Ok, I overcame my anxiety and played placements on my newest overwatch account.

Started teaming up; teams were terrible, no coordination. Got crushed, but I did ok at heals. Solo’d the last 8, only won 2 and tied 1.

But, good enough to end up at ~2100. First time in gold. Woot! Would have been higher if I didn’t get such bad teams, but “whatever”.


Funny part of that video is that he was mostly using some footage from friends, making the vid for them. He says he did a lot of the editing while they watched and chatted about it ... how, I said? ... screen sharing via discord.

Kids these days.

The idea that they spent hours making the video, with his friends watching via screen sharing, seems bizarre to me, yet obvious.

Couldn’t do that over a 300 baud modem!

Who says Fortnite is violent? 😂

My son’s been getting better at Premiere Pro, learning a bit of After Effects too. I like the “headshots on the beat”, nice editing, my boy. 😬

(“fortnite + nightcore = nut” )

From my blog: Using Hololens to augment 300-year-old model of Mont-Saint-Michel with real site

@blair @ada Oooh, I want that! What are you using to bridge to IRC?

@trevorfsmith @blair wee-slack for slack, bitlbee for skype, twitter and mastodon.

I’m not going to claim my kids are perfect, but when I read things like the tweets in these listicles, I realize they are pretty damn awesome. 👍

That said, some of these are pretty funny.

The Funniest Tweets From Parents This Week (Nov. 10-16) - HuffPost

Nice article about using Hololens and photogrammetry to create an augmented reality experience of the combined historic 3D relief map and real site of Mont-Saint-Michel in Normandy, France

Having spent years toying with and advocating for them, I'm thrilled that Firefox 63 has support for Web Components! I wrote up an explainer about why they change the way we can build for the web:

Bad puns 

Starting a review of a paper and realized I am Reviewer #2 in the review system.

Well, that really changes everything, doesn’t it?


An excessive, but fun, evening of Overwatch. Hooked up with a team that was clicking, up over 200 SR for the evening on my really old stuck-in-bronze account .... within a few games of escape... (“must not get hopes up, must not get hopes up”)

Courtesy Wired on Twitter:

Mozilla, the nonprofit behind the popular Firefox browser, has a finely tuned privacy appraisal of not just toys but dozens of popular holiday gifts—some of which may not rate much better than coal.

anti-valley snark 

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