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As always, happy to be part of this company.

"Mozilla Reaffirms Commitment to Transgender Equality

As an employer, Mozilla has a long-standing commitment to diversity, inclusion and fostering a supportive work environment. In keeping with that commitment, today we join the growing list of companies publicly opposed to efforts to erase transgender protections through reinterpretation of existing laws and regulations, ..."

Good morning! If you’re in the US and a citizen get your ass to your polling station today. Yes, you.

I know many people have very strong feelings about the election today, but please remember to use your CW: USPol.


Dear young Americans, you will see a lot of racists die in your lifetime but they aren’t dead yet. Please vote. Thank you for leading us into the future.

On the bright side, with the Group system, if I can just avoid dysfunctional teams, the slow climb should be inevitable. Losing less when I lose than I gain when I win, so even 50/50 will result in a very slow climb.

Played in a another old Overwatch account; came in above previous SR, up almost 100 after a half dozen games, but it's still going to be a long haul (if ever) to get this puppy out of bronze.

Like with the other account, it's amazing how different it is playing back in Bronze. "combining ults" isn't "a thing" ... giving any warning when you're gonna do a move (Rein charge, monkey lead-in, etc) seems unthinkable. Just a free for all.

I just throw my purple orbs, collect a bit of every kill

Credits at the end of radio show Bullseye: “our show was produced by speaking into microphones.” Lol

Hey are you watching Overwatch World Cup? GB upset US spectacularly yesterday, but now they’re facing South Korea in a few minutes.

I’m hoping Canada beats China later (although China upset a pretty strong Finland), perhaps we’ll have a Commonwealth final! 😂

Curious about how we (MR team at Mozilla) are approaching security and privacy in our work on and ? (birdsite) @avadacatavra and I outline our thoughts and goals in this new post:

Time is running out folks! Your chance to apply for this round of mini grants ends 5pm Eastern on Thursday, Nov 15th!!!! You can't get funding if you don't apply!

#Firefox #Telemetry #Privacy

"The basic insight behind Prio is that for most purposes we don’t need to collect individual data, but rather only aggregates. [Prio] does this by having the browser break the data up into two “shares”, each of which is sent to a different server. Individually the shares don’t tell you anything about the data being reported, but together they do... Over the next few months we’ll be doing further testing..."

Went back to my stuck-around-1000SR overwatch account to just do some placements in the new season (I’m still chicken to do placements on my new account—wish I had a team to play with to do that)

Played two games as Moira; I gotta say, it sure was fun to play with a team in bronze, absolute destruction in that first game. Gold damage and heals (almost 15k); gold elims and obj kills. Quint kill.

Second game was a squeaker (they had a smurf widow), but we won.

Such a rare bronze experience

I've been on leave, and haven't been doing conference reviewing. I reluctantly agree to review some conference papers; now I remember why I didn't want to do this painful task while away from the academy.

(Hint: if the acceptance rate at a conference is 10%, 9 out of 10 papers you get to review are likely below bar. If you review 2, as I did, there's a high chance they'll be WAY below bar, as mine were)

I’ve noticed I’ve not been coming here much. It’s funny, in breaking my Twitter/Facebook habit, I also suppressed all the other social media.

I want to use this, but I’ve not been able to convince many friends to join, so it doesn’t have to social draw that FB did.

And I haven’t found good tech-news accounts to follow, so it doesn’t have the draw Twitter once did.

At least I have a better sense of what I was actually getting out of those other platforms. So that’s something!

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