Hey friends, my daughter pointed me at this lovely movie project on Kickstarter and hopes more people would support it! Check it out.

“SAYŌNARA - A poetic and traditional Japan”

@RaeYcrep ok, ordered some Huel. For added nerdness, I used Apple Pay and broke in the Apple Card with it

Latest random useful pointer from Morning Brew, the “A Soft Murmur” website, which lets you play a mix of “ambient sounds to wash away distraction” asoftmurmur.com/ morningbrew.com/daily/r/?kid=8

Achievement unlocked. Nerd level++

Modular mechanical keyboard arrived, with a set of switches (“best guess”) and a sample pack of all the types so I can see if I want to change things up.

pcgamingrace.com/products/gmmk (with aura keycaps)

If you’re curious what using Android (green) does to your privacy (blue), @samsung created this helpful gif. Thanks Samsung.

As we design a set of rooms to run a large event in @ByHubs, I am reminded again why needs immersive navigation.

If we believe the Web can be the Metaverse, we need to be able to bounce between spaces without popping back to 2D. Even if only for same-origin transitions

Now that I’m going back into GT a few days week, its Soylent for lunch more often! I just ran out, but thankfully a new shipment arrived.

As they say in The Matrix, “Everything the body needs”

Today on zoom, the combo of my DLSR-for-webcam and the “slight change” to my hair color looked pretty good, I think. (Bonus: I taught the first class of my fall Computer Graphics class today)

let the craziness begin. I’m still mostly on leave at GT so won’t be on-campus very much. I’m thinking about holding an office hour each week in hubs. Here you see two screens shared into a hubs room (one, a web page on my desktop; one the screen of my ipad running OneNote)

I’ve yet to run into a +60 yr old in Overwatch, but do occasionally find a +50 like me. Mostly “the kids” are amused to know my Dad76 tag is because I’m a dad with kids old enough to like the meme that inspired the tag. melmagazine.com/en-us/story/vi

I’m enjoying the Morning Brew mailing list; quick hits on money, business and the world, mixed with some humor. Top was amusing today. join here morningbrew.com/daily/r/?kid=8

Headline should be “Alaska gov relents on destroying university system, imposing only draconian cuts.” Quite the slight of hand, by “relenting” he achieved cuts that would have made headlines on their own. chronicle.com/article/Amid-Bac

Made another batch of coconut-milk based strawberry ice cream, this time I decided to actually go the route of heating the milk + sugar, and then tempering 4 egg yokes into it. OMG, so good.

Win: Apple Makes it Harder to Let Apps Always Track Your Location

Apple changed location permissions to require users to think more carefully about giving "Always" access. That's a good thing for users, but its causing some developers to throw a tantrum.

The Chronicle of Higher Ed sent out an “Advice Guide” for "How to Teach a Good First Day of Class.” It's like they know the semester is starting soon. (Advice is pretty good, btw.) chronicle.com/interactives/adv

Teaching Intro to Computer Graphics at @georgiatech starting next week, so I thought it would be appropriate to make my hair look synthetically rendered

Report from 2018 AR Visioning Workshop

A year ago, I took part in a workshop run by Greg Welch and Gurd Bruder, with funding from ONR (Office of Naval Research). The organizers just released a short report summarizing the results.

My son pointed me at the Glorious PC Gaming Race mice and keyboards. I’m very much enjoying the mice (cheaper than other high end gaming mice, good feel, clean design); keyboard backordered. pcgamingrace.com/products/glor

First day of school for the kids, my son is starting high school, so we’ve decided to retire the middle-school lunchbox. Rest in peace, old friend

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