At today’s yearly checkup, was presented with explanation of some billing stuff (“if we discover and address problems as part of your visit, they will cost extra”). This is a great example of the massive financial uncertainty that makes the US health care system is so awful.

Need a tool that lets me export my FB data, and then import it into my personal Mastodon instance. Create fake local private ID’s for everyone I’ve interacted with, and have tools for helping friends claim them (or make them anonymous). So I can preserve my FB “history”.

And there’s a bunch of expert witnesses who won’t be getting new Teslas

Apple and Qualcomm drop all lawsuits in surprise settlement - The Verge

If you like the Web, Mozilla, and our mission to keep the web open, accessible and safe, check out our career page! Lots of interesting jobs open, many at our offices, and many also available for remote work! ps://

Crazy. Just found something (again, this is the second time) so much cheaper on Prime Now than regular Amazon that it was cheaper even with the “driver tip”. So, I get it today, for less money than waiting till Thursday.

I have to admit, every time I get a popup to install an update to Java on my mac, I roll my eyes. Java is still a thing? Ugh. It’s bad enough Universities still teach it (ensuring students are prepared for yesterday’s jobs!)

(I get it, old things use it, but …)

Notre Dame fire,possibly + framing?,I guess this is a take but not like a TAKE take Show more

Wish I was more sophisticated with CSS. I’m using a version of the Nurui theme on my blog, want to replace the “featured” slider (siema) with one where the panels sliding are more obviously “links”, perhaps based on the small squares that are used on the blog page.

My home office Mac when I sat down this morning after being away for the weekend. unfortunate (for non-mac folk, that’s the “no bootable disc” startup logo). (rebooting with cmd-option-p-r cleared it, thankfully) (apparently I need to clear my screen too)

Universities (Princeton in this case) finally banning professors from dating grad students. What took so long? (they exempt current relationships, because “why?”; wonder how many profs-married-to-former-students voted for this?)

Had a great time watching Overwatch League games in LA with my son this weekend.

Played a few games when I got home; 1st fine, 2nd had a bunch of toxic racist a-holes in it, who especially didn’t like being called out. Sigh.

OWL != OW 😡

Love the overwhelming visuals at the end of each map. Wonder what Johnny Carson thinks of what’s become of his studio?

Excellent. So tired of people reclining into my laptop on daytime domestic flights. Sleep at home.

Delta Air Lines is eliminating one of the most annoying things about flying - Fast Company

Back at Blizzard Area, ready for day 2 of our @overwatchLeague trip

Fun night at the Blizzard Arena watching Overwatch League. Shame Atlanta lost, but the other games were great, and we had a fabulous backstage tour!

Landed in LA …. Hey, ATT, you aren’t fooling me with your fake 5G shenanigans

At the airport with my son, heading to LA to watch some Overwatch League games live!

That moment when you catch your toe on something while walking back to the home office with coffee, and it hurts so much that you hope you left the video conference on mute because of the inappropriate thing you just yelled.

(not “Oh gee wiz, I hope it’s not broken”)

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