I need to up my game on twitch, apparently.

“Stats from my last stream”:

So, ridiculous .

Forever, I’ve thought “I really shouldn’t throw away these overripe bananas, I should make banana bread, it’s supposed to be easy.” Ok, finally: there’s banana bread in the oven.

Take that! I’m a grownup!

Time to go check the duck prosciutto thats been drying in the wine cellar. And turn the curing pancetta.


Got some new gin. And yes, 100% of the reason is because of the Deadpool association. I am completely a slave to marketing.

Watching Overwatch League, first game for Atlanta Reign! And Dafran goes TORB! TORB!

Amazon pulls plug on NYC ... “shocked” ... hahahahaha

This spam from Oculus makes me want to throw all my VR gear in the trash. No world I want to live in intersects Oculus VR titles with Valentines Day .... to be clear, none of the "Action-filled VR gaming packs" had anything to do with love.

Come celebrate love with Elite Dangerous and Radial G: Racing Evolved!

Atlanta Reign jersey's ordered for my son and I! Looking forward to cheering for a home team in

This year, we’re leaving our artificial tree up and decorating for all the holidays.

Happy Valentines Day!

I've been getting "Wellness Challenge" emails on my NYTimes account email ... hadn't been looking at them, but decided to this morning. Fine, 30 days of "challenges" relating health (eating, movement, etc). I'll bite. Would be nice to "shake up the stale routines" and see if any new habits pop out -- that (with any of these) would be my hope. One new habit.

The Blue Apron of Wellness, perhaps? We'll see how it goes.

A friend who knows me well sent me this during the StupidBowl

@ted For the bacon, I'm using Ruhlman's Charcuterie book (amazon.com/Charcuterie-Salting) ... I put it on the Green Egg with some very-soaked chunks of wood, so it gets seriously smoking by the time it hits the target temp.

FWIW, I also am smoking a pork butt right now (put on before work this morning), I loosely follow the recipe in Smoke Like a Pro (amazon.com/Smoke-Green-Ceramic). His chicken pieces recipe is great, too.

Put another 6.5lb pork belly into the fridge for some salty, sugary, maple syrupy, curing. This time next week, that baby will be ready for smoking!

Well, that was a lot of snow for Atlanta!

Oh, wait, no it wasn't. Nada.

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Can’t decide if it’s worse that I like Shake it Off, or that it’s because of Sing. Rock on, Gunther.

My not-so-brave dog... there are workers in the basement fixing something, her reaction: "You can still work here, right, and keep me safe?"

(Her sister is roaming around, trying to figure out how to get into the basement ... people to PLAY WITH!)

I admit I’m fairly addicted to autonomous.ai … I can’t seem to not buy things they make. Great price/perf!

Love the Commute bag that arrived a few weeks ago, all the various desks and chairs and stools

There’s now a FlowBoard in my future.

Go ahead, take my money!

The I've played on the last half dozen evenings has been pleasantly amusing.

Decided to focus on main tank, so played all Rein (except for one game D.Va and one as Moira). Been winning consistently (at the ~1200 and ~1800 SR levels).

Apparently, what these teams needed was an aggressive Rein. Who knew.

Anyway, been fun. For a change.

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