First time going to an Atlanta United FC game; up in the cheap seats, damn this is a nice stadium!

People still coming in, this place is gonna be loud!

Firefox Reality (our browser for standalone VR headsets) launches today. And I’m flying home with an open seat next to me.

Two great things!

A thing I just did with peppers from the garden. We’ll see if it sets better this time! Last year’s were runny, although still good (and )

If I had a monetized YouTube channel (or if they hadn’t cut off small accounts like my son’s) I’d totally make an “unboxing the ML1” video. But, why bother sending them eyes?

Looking forward to playing with it. Any other ’s in yet?

Fake “Rachel” in “cardholder services for Visa” has given up even trying to muck with caller id on my cellphone.

(I answered only so I could find out where the robocall was coming from, so that I could toot this snark. I got the extra mile, folks)

Stella (our often high strung Catahoula-mix mutt) says “life is good right now”

Google, champion of the open web! (you know, the thing that they took advantage of to become rich?)

(I just tried to open hangouts in firefox ... perhaps I'll try Edge next.)

Right before AWE in the US in May, I noticed the hyper-sexualized "female superhero" in their artwork and complained. Their social media person declined to do anything about it ("it's a superhero shadow, we're all about superpowers!"). They are still using it for AWE EU 2018

Am I the only one bothered by this? The man becomes all buff and IronMan-like; the woman becomes small-waisted, gets bigger breasts, and even her limbs bcome thinner. Oh, and she gets flowy hair.

A thing I’ve been working on lately: how to expose camera video via to do in-browser, coordinated with platform sensing. Here’s in a WebWorker, tracking markers at lower than rendering frame rate, with poses sync’d back to ARKit anchors

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