I find it interesting how my blackberry bushes seem to have one berry ripening first per cluster

Today I gave an entirely unsatisfactory answer to a couple of 14 years olds as to why the X/Y/Z coordinate system translations to EUS when we align it with a local geospatial coordinate system.

But I did many to invoke the gesture of the computer graphics professional

I made the mistake of finally looking seriously at the browser userAgent string, and asked my co-workers WTH??! And @larsberg pointed me at webaim.org/blog/user-agent-str

And now I’m informed, but not amused.

Through no choice of my own, I’m working with a React project. I want to build a non-optimized non-minified version, to ease debugging. Googling leads to make pointers to: “npm run eject” (described in the docs as essentially a “good luck, you’re on your own now “)


The fuel for furious hacking, when you been up since 3am fixing someone else’s code

Got spam from @georgiatech Athletics; I admit I’m finding the subject line “Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate” pretty tone def in our current world. Yes, I know it’s an old slogan about a childish “rivalry”, but it’s kinda pathetic that a university is frivolously encouraging “hate”.

I made the decision on the weekend (for various reasons) to pull most of my photos into Apple Photos. Photos is taking … a while. I may have miscalculated? 🙄

See you in the Clyde Auditorium (remote, VR edition!) for the opening keynote! It’ll be 4am here in Atlanta, but I have coffee!

(Accessible through our Discord server at discord.gg/QGDUnNm )

We’re getting our Discord server set up with Hubs rooms for the 17 CHI livestreams, starting tomorrow!

I’ll be here watching the opening keynote, 4am EST. If you’re not at CHI, and want to hang out with others watching the streams, come join us.


A little home made lardons makes the Brussels sprouts taste better ….

Is my GT school faculty email list trying to tell me something?

That was unexpected. Had left the grill cover off for a few weeks, a family “moved in”

At today’s yearly checkup, was presented with explanation of some billing stuff (“if we discover and address problems as part of your visit, they will cost extra”). This is a great example of the massive financial uncertainty that makes the US health care system is so awful.

I have to admit, every time I get a popup to install an update to Java on my mac, I roll my eyes. Java is still a thing? Ugh. It’s bad enough Universities still teach it (ensuring students are prepared for yesterday’s jobs!)

(I get it, old things use it, but …)

My home office Mac when I sat down this morning after being away for the weekend. unfortunate (for non-mac folk, that’s the “no bootable disc” startup logo). (rebooting with cmd-option-p-r cleared it, thankfully) (apparently I need to clear my screen too)

Love the overwhelming visuals at the end of each map. Wonder what Johnny Carson thinks of what’s become of his studio?

Back at Blizzard Area, ready for day 2 of our @overwatchLeague trip

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