At today’s yearly checkup, was presented with explanation of some billing stuff (“if we discover and address problems as part of your visit, they will cost extra”). This is a great example of the massive financial uncertainty that makes the US health care system is so awful.

I have to admit, every time I get a popup to install an update to Java on my mac, I roll my eyes. Java is still a thing? Ugh. It’s bad enough Universities still teach it (ensuring students are prepared for yesterday’s jobs!)

(I get it, old things use it, but …)

My home office Mac when I sat down this morning after being away for the weekend. unfortunate (for non-mac folk, that’s the “no bootable disc” startup logo). (rebooting with cmd-option-p-r cleared it, thankfully) (apparently I need to clear my screen too)

Love the overwhelming visuals at the end of each map. Wonder what Johnny Carson thinks of what’s become of his studio?

Back at Blizzard Area, ready for day 2 of our @overwatchLeague trip

Landed in LA …. Hey, ATT, you aren’t fooling me with your fake 5G shenanigans

Every N years I replace an appliance. Today, I spent my time buying and installing a new over-the-stove microwave.

Have to take an annual “Integrity and Compliance” (ethics) training course at GT. It isn’t loading, and the resulting web page is amusingly ironic for a premiere technical research university. (Note: still stuck, in the time it took me to create and post this gif)

“Love” having a small camera on my inflight entertainment system (look closely). @delta isn’t alone in this, alas

Bought some Lucio-Ohs! Because, why not? My son is thrilled (especially because we never buy crappy cereal)

Magnetic sensor inside the bean hopper of my espresso machine broke; so I taped a magnet to the outside.

Problem. Solved.

We have left our artificial holiday tree up this year, and are redecorating for different holidays. Hit Valentines, Mardi Gras. Now International Women’s Day/month.

It’s 65 degrees at 7:40pm in Atlanta tonight, time for the first front-yard fire of the spring ….

My first pancetta. Looks good, will be in the carbonara tonight. But, it’s a bit terrifying to have had this hanging for weeks, so if you don’t hear from me again, this is what killed me

I love how my calendar shows that the time change (“spring ahead”) is going to happen at 2am this Sunday.

So this is how time travel is represented!

Running low on , got a slab of pork belly to put in some cure for the week. Will keep going with the sweet (via some maple syrup), smoke next weekend with some Apple wood.

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