I need to up my game on twitch, apparently.

“Stats from my last stream”:

Got some new gin. And yes, 100% of the reason is because of the Deadpool association. I am completely a slave to marketing.

This spam from Oculus makes me want to throw all my VR gear in the trash. No world I want to live in intersects Oculus VR titles with Valentines Day .... to be clear, none of the "Action-filled VR gaming packs" had anything to do with love.

Come celebrate love with Elite Dangerous and Radial G: Racing Evolved!

Atlanta Reign jersey's ordered for my son and I! Looking forward to cheering for a home team in

This year, we’re leaving our artificial tree up and decorating for all the holidays.

Happy Valentines Day!

A friend who knows me well sent me this during the StupidBowl

My not-so-brave dog... there are workers in the basement fixing something, her reaction: "You can still work here, right, and keep me safe?"

(Her sister is roaming around, trying to figure out how to get into the basement ... people to PLAY WITH!)

And today’s dinner is ... ? Hint: here’s a big bowl of riced russet potatoes

Arrived in the mail. Time to get curin' ... because what's better than meat? Cured meat!

Plugged in an old iPad my daughter found in her room. This may be problematic.

First time going to an Atlanta United FC game; up in the cheap seats, damn this is a nice stadium!

People still coming in, this place is gonna be loud!

Firefox Reality (our browser for standalone VR headsets) launches today. And I’m flying home with an open seat next to me.

Two great things!

A thing I just did with peppers from the garden. We’ll see if it sets better this time! Last year’s were runny, although still good (and )

If I had a monetized YouTube channel (or if they hadn’t cut off small accounts like my son’s) I’d totally make an “unboxing the ML1” video. But, why bother sending them eyes?

Looking forward to playing with it. Any other ’s in yet?

Fake “Rachel” in “cardholder services for Visa” has given up even trying to muck with caller id on my cellphone.

(I answered only so I could find out where the robocall was coming from, so that I could toot this snark. I got the extra mile, folks)

Stella (our often high strung Catahoula-mix mutt) says “life is good right now”

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