A thing that annoys me about my personal attempts at using social media: my complete inability to type short sentences without typos in them.

I wonder what percentage of tweets of mine have typos? (Today is non-zero, sadly)

To the rocket scientists suing Apple because of their “monopolistic” App Store: this is what happens when you don’t control the App Store. Just saying. apple.news/ARnKNZTCgS52DPOuK_Z

‘Agent Smith’ Android malware infected 25M devices - Mashable

I loved and hated Rocket League, this is amusing apple.news/AUg8JkMGbQbGMPCwwJF

Congress is bad at Rocket League - The Verge

“Peak Silicon Valley”: Uber Comfort costs more, but it’s worth it to the better-off to not have to acknowledge their living-hand-to-mouth-gig-worker driver is a human being

Is it just me, or have the use of “click on images with X in them” CAPTCHA’s become insanely pervasive? I’m getting to the point where I want to punch my screen when one of those appears

Not drinking booze right now, been looking into “mocktails”, esp ones that aren’t glorified soda or fruit juice (ie, boring, sugary). Discovered @SeedlipDrinks … amazing. Not cheap, but cheaper than good booze!

It’s been 3 years since I looked at Typescript. Nothing has changed, right? I should be good to go? Whipping up some sample code for my upcoming class should be a cake walk? (ok, I have all the previous materials, but so much of that has changed too).

The lost of impact, and sharing with the world, that results from our classes disappearing inside opaque, crappy “courseware” systems is really sad. I used to find my slides in use at lots of schools, especially small ones.

I shan’t be using these systems going forward.

I’ll be hosting all materials for my class this fall on github. I’m teaching CS 3451, Introduction to Computer Graphics, at Georgia Tech. Like the last time I taught, in Fall 2015, I’ll be using 100% web technology for the class, and (mostly likely) using TypeScript

Years ago, @georgiatech started using a horrible “courseware” system, like everyone else. At the time, I bemoaned that our courses were becoming hidden from the world. I’m teaching CS3451 in the fall, after 4 years, so I googled “CS3451 gatech”, and find … nothing useful.

I did a Trip Advisor review once, in 2012. Every few months, they send me a helpful message letting me know that “with just 2 reviews you’ll reach TripCollective Level 1?”

I’m passively aggressively never ever going to do another Trip Advisor review

What is the opposite of OCD? As in, someone who can’t resist moving one of a group of neatly aligned post-its, or drawing on a clean whiteboard?

This is pretty spot on (although I like Harris more than this would imply I should). “If The Democratic Primary Field Was a University History Department” notesironbound.blogspot.com/20

I’ve rediscovered how much I like the London Fog (Earl Grey tea, half cup of hot water, squirt of vanilla syrup, frothed milk). I use less vanilla than a coffee shop, and we’re using Oat Milk (one of the only non-cow milks that our espresso machine frother gets along with)

Spent the last two weeks in Whistler, Vancouver and Seattle. Gotta say, being back in , looking forward at July and August, is kinda depressing …

Love the northwest, the mountains, the clean crisp air.

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