Daily/nightly reminder: IEEE VR is streaming on twitch, so you can watch the streams remotely. Details and links to twitch streams, as well as hubs scenes (to make it easy to watch with friends in VR or in any desktop/handheld browser) on this page blog.mozvr.com/watching-vr2019

A panel I’m at is using slido for questions. I’m finding it hard not to treat it as a competition. “Vote for my question!”

Unintended consequences

IEEE VR starting, first keynote in a few minutes. Instructions for setting up a Hubs room to watch the twitch stream with friends can be found at blog.mozvr.com/watching-vr2019

IEEE VR is live streaming it’s 4 tracks next week on twitch.

If you aren’t here in Japan, I create 4 hubs scenes that you can use to create a VR room with one of the twitch streams in it, and invite friends to watch with you.

Instructions here: blog.mozvr.com/watching-vr2019

Just gave a keynote at KELVAR (Workshop on K-12+ Embodied Learning through Virtual and Augmented Reality) at IEEE VR 2019 in Osaka, on “Reshaping Learning Environments with Immersive Technology” (in particular, WebXR!) sites.google.com/site/vrkelvar

“Love” having a small camera on my inflight entertainment system (look closely). @delta isn’t alone in this, alas

Bought some Lucio-Ohs! Because, why not? My son is thrilled (especially because we never buy crappy cereal)

7 or 8 years ago, I did a review on Trip Advisor. Regularly, since then, I get email from them saying “you’re only 2 reviews away from the next level!”

As in, Level 1!

I never want to be Level 1.

Project , eh? Seems like a great way for Google to capture even more information about you, your preferences, behaviors, physical abilities and (eventually) biometrics.

Another service aimed at building a better model of you?

No thanks.

Played a game of Overwatch, on Numbani. Bastion on defense, Pharah on attack. Got 7 kills (gold), 3 objective kills (gold) … wow, so bad.

I’m looking forward to Oculus introducing their new displays at GDC so I can write “reviews” … they’ll all contain at least this line:

- it’s Facebook-for-your-face, you shouldn’t use this device

I randomly referred to the awful posts on twitter as … I like it. This needs to get more use

Shame the Reign lost, but that was fun. Two teams that don’t just do GOATS. Good times!

Twitter has been so much better since I switched to write-only mode.

Atlanta Reign match finally about to start …. reverse sweep by Boston really slowed things down tonight!

You know you aren’t a comic book nerd when you spend the first part of Captain Marvell thinking “Wait, weren’t they the bad guys? I’m so confused.”

Magnetic sensor inside the bean hopper of my espresso machine broke; so I taped a magnet to the outside.

Problem. Solved.

I quite literally can’t remember the last time I had so few Skymiles in my Delta account.

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